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In my private practice I work with adults, couples, adolescents, children and families. I welcome the opportunity to work with individuals of all races, creeds, national origins, gender identities, sexual orientations and stages of life.

My work often focuses on:

The “unexpected”…

including life events such as a sudden job loss; a brand new blended family; divorce/end of a relationship; loss of a loved one; a promotion and greater responsibility; a marriage/commitment proposal; or an empty nest.

The “unwanted”…

including life events like diagnosis of a chronic illness or condition in self or family member; unhealthy or damaging habits that interfere with daily functioning; quarreling or conflict with spouse/partner or other family members; the effects of aging or injury; loneliness or isolation; prejudice and marginalization; a temporary break in creativity or productivity; anxiety or depression.

The “unimaginable”…

which is never anticipated by any of us. It is partly for this reason that it can have such a profound effect on our lives. It includes critical events such as sexual or physical assault; witnessing a violent death; losing a loved one to an unexpected or violent death; or being diagnosed or having a family member diagnosed with a terminal or progressively crippling illness.


Are you currently recovering from or living with a physical illness and in a homecare setting, hospital, hospice or other medical facility? I am available to meet you onsite and conduct a session in your special care setting with the permission of the facility operator.


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Nancy Adamson, LMFT, LPCC | Psychotherapy

Nancy Adamson, LMFT, LPCC offers psychotherapy, and counseling for adolescents, children, adults, couples, families, depression, anxiety, PTSD, ecotherapy. She has offices in Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley, all near Los Angeles, CA.

Home 	Services 	About Me 	Fees	Links 	Contact Me