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When my now young adult daughter was 10, she proudly presented me with a bookmark that she had made. The bookmark had a drawing of the planet and said, “Life….You Can Never Explain It”.

Beyond the hilarity of being presented with this insight from a ten year old, was, of course, the truth of her insight.

We can’t always explain the good and bad things that happen to us yet we have a need to fit them into the story of our lives somehow. My practice tends to focus on the impact of:

- the unexpected

- the unwanted

- the unimaginable

While connecting individuals, couples and families with the:

- the enduring and

- the inspiring

in order to reinvent a life story that yields new perspectives, a fresh capacity for action and the diminishment of unwanted feelings or behaviors.

As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor I am trained and qualified to deal with a wide range of issues that affect one’s relationship with self and others, but I have special training in assisting individuals to adjust to change and to reclaim their lives following a trauma or unexpected event whether the trauma is recent or occurred many years ago. Reclaiming your life also involves imagining and taking action on what comes next. What is the story you now want to tell about who you are and where you are going?


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Nancy Adamson, LMFT, LPCC offers psychotherapy, and counseling for adolescents, children, adults, couples, families, depression, anxiety, PTSD, ecotherapy. She has offices in Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley, all near Los Angeles, CA.

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